Neville Goddard and His Discovery of the God WithinwithMitch Horowitz

mitch horowitz


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Mitch Horowitz is the author of many books on esoterica, spirituality, mysticism and the occult. Among his titles are The Seeker’s Guide to the Secret Teachings of All Ages, The Miracle Club, One Simple Idea, Magician of the Beautiful: An Introduction to Neville Goddard, and Occult America. He has edited a selection of writings and lectures by Neville Goddard titled, The Ideal Realized. His website is

Here he explains his passionate interest in the life and work of Neville Goddard, to the point that he has an image of Neville tattooed on his arm. He describes how Neville’s own spiritual awakening took place under the tutelage of a mysterious, black rabbi named Abdullah. The methods taught by Neville involve entering an intense feeling state while visualizing and affirming the situations to which one aspires.

(Recorded on December 21, 2020)


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