Rethinking SatanismwithMitch Horowitz

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Mitch Horowitz is the author of many books on esoterica, spirituality, mysticism and the occult. Among his titles are The Seeker’s Guide to the Secret Teachings of All Ages, The Miracle Club, One Simple Idea, Magician of the Beautiful: An Introduction to Neville Goddard, and Occult America. He has edited a selection of writings and lectures by Neville Goddard titled, The Ideal Realized. His website is

Here he describes a very personal journey that has led him to explore and endorse theological Satanism. He makes a point of distinguishing the biblical tradition in Genesis 3, and the writings of John Milton, William Blake, and Percy Bysshe Shelley from the popular accounts of Satanism as depicted in fiction, film, and mass media. He suggests that the contemporary theological writings of Michael Aquino and Anton LaVey belong to the former tradition that portrays the Satanic impulse as rebellious and heroic, rather than evil. He explains his own personal code of ethics.

(Recorded on December 21, 2020)


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Published on February 1, 2021