Taming the Poltergeist: “Things that go Bump in the Night” in 19th Century Science.

Recommended readings: Gauld & Cornell, “Poltergeists”, https://amzn.to/38Uvxhv. Noakes, Physics & Psychics: https://amzn.to/3qYc0Tp. Sources & further readings for this video: https://www.forbiddenhistories.com/poltergeist2

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Welcome to part 2 of your journey into the haunted history of modern science! After part 1 delved into responses to poltergeist disturbances during the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, today we trace hidden continuities in the 19th & early 20th centuries – bumping into French celebrity astronomer Camille Flammarion & “the other Darwin”, evolutionary theorist Alfred Russel Wallace, on the way.

Published on January 26, 2021