ParaMOOC16 Geographical View of Parapsychology by Nancy L. Zingrone

The fourth talk of the Parapsychology Research and Education online course was given by Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation, on January 26th, 2016. The course, also called ParaMOOC16, ran live sessions from Monday January 18th through February 22nd, 2016, with discussion forums on the last Sunday of the month until the end of August.

The online conference mentioned repeated throughout the talk was the Parapsychology Foundation International Affiliates online conference that covered 50 years of research history in the UK, France, Argentina, Brazil and Japan. To see this conference check-out the playlist on this channel:

If you’re reading this before August of 2016, you can still enroll and get access to the PowerPoints and other course materials.

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The Zazzle montage was created by Gonçalo Veiga, Research Associate, Parapsychology Foundation

The course logo (Parapsychology Wordle) was licensed from by Nancy L. Zingrone, and created by the artist RadiantSkies whose works are available at

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Published on August 4, 2016