Magick and PoliticswithGary Lachman

gary lachman


Gary Lachman is the author of twenty-one books on topics ranging from the evolution of consciousness to literary suicides, popular culture and the history of the occult. He has written a rock and roll memoir of the 1970s, biographies of Aleister Crowley, Rudolf Steiner, C. G. Jung, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Emanuel Swedenborg, P. D. Ouspensky, and Colin Wilson, histories of Hermeticism and the Western Inner Tradition, studies in existentialism and the philosophy of consciousness, and about the influence of esotericism on politics and society.

Here he describes several threads of thought linking contemporary politics to the practice of influencing world events via parapsychological influence. In particular, he focuses on a movement known as “chaos magick”. He also describes Donald Trump’s longstanding interest in the work of Norman Vincent Peale and the Power of Positive Thinking. Additionally, he describes the theoretical foundations of the philosopher Julius Evola — as well as the Eurasian ambitions of Vladimir Putin and Alexander Dugin.

(Recorded on November 15, 2018)

Published on November 16, 2018