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James Tunney, LLM, is an Irish barrister who has lectured on legal matters throughout the world. He is a poet, a scholar, and author of The Mystery of the Trapped Light: Mystical Thoughts in the Dark Age of Scientism plus The Mystical Accord: Sutras to Suit Our Times, Lines for Spiritual Evolution; also Empire of Scientism: The Dispiriting Conspiracy and Inevitable Tyranny of Scientocracy, TechBondAge: Slavery of the Human Spirit, and Human Entrance to Transhumanism: Machine Merger and the End of Humanity. His website is

Here he describes fifteenth century France into which Joan of Arc was born. It was a time of enormous social disuption and turmoil. England and France were engaged in what is now known as the 100 Years War. The Catholic Church was divided with different claimants to the title of Pope. He describes the visions and remarkable military career of this teenage girl who was burned at the stake and 500 years later cannonized as a Catholic saint.

(Recorded on January 4, 2022)


James Tunney, Ireland I Don’t Recognize Who She Is —

Published on January 26, 2022


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