George Hathaway | Fundamental Issues in Energy Harvesting

The presentation focuses on two main areas of energy systems investigation in which Hathaway Research International has been involved over many decades. First, an analysis of energy generation schemes involving obvious 1st and 2d Law violations. Highlighted are various electric, magnetic, rotary, atomic (LENR) and related ideas focusing on electrical energy production. The second area will deal with measurement issues related to determining the strength of the various energy generation claims described in Part 1.

George Hathaway earned his EE degree in 1974 from the U. of Toronto. He is a Registered Professional Engineer, member of several societies including SSE and IEEE and a college-level lecturer who has mentored students, educators, and specialists on physics and technology, concentrating on leading-edge research and applications. He is a hands-on scientific & engineering project manager in areas as diverse as materials science, pulsed power, quantum optics, energy and propulsion via custom-built scientific in association with international scientists and research institutes.

Published on March 24, 2022