Dale E. Graff | Evidence for Consciousness Extending Outside of Space-Time

Dale E. Graff asks: How can precognition occur? What are the implications of precognition? What can we do with this natural ability? In this study, there was no pre-prepared target pool for future random selection, as is typical for other precognitive experiments. Graff used future newspaper photographs as psi objectives.

Abstract: Experimental projects were performed for accessing information that only existed in the future. These experiments provided insight into the processes for information access and how various extraordinary experiences are similar or are related.

The primary experimental project was for perceiving photographs published seven days in the future on a specific newspaper page. This was follow-on to a previous future news project for photographs three days ahead. For both of these projects, the events and the corresponding photographs did not exist at the time of the perceptions that were sought during the conscious state and the dream state. Other projects were for target pictures randomly selected three days in the future and for picture selected in the future based on sporting events results or stock market levels, some for seven days ahead. Synchronistic experiences occurred and some dreams became lucid as extended forms of consciousness. Other dreams had images that symbolized the process involved in the perceptions.

A key finding from these experiments is that the future influences the present in a retrocausal sense and that the future interacts with cognitive process to provide information for action response. The responses can be through intuitions, dreams, spontaneous actions or synchronicities. This suggests that an interactive process with the future based on a unity or holistic principle involving precognition, retrocausation and synchronicity is an on-going subconscious activity. The ability to interact with the future indicates that consciousness has an aspect that is not constrained to space-time parameters. The fundamental constructive principle involved is based on information correlation in the context of relevance, meaning, or goals, and may have connections at a biological level with evolution processes. An unusual synchronicity illustrates an accurate timing correlation.

The potential source of the perceptions and the meaning of “the future” are reviewed. Suggestions for research and applications are provided.

Bio: Dale E. Graff has degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Physics. He has been involved in various personal and professional forms of psi research for over 40 years, continues facilitating workshops with focus on dream state psi and performing investigations into precognition, retrocausation and synchronicity. His books, Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and RIVER DREAMS describe his transition from scientific doubter to that of accepting the reality of anomalous experiences.

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Broomfield, Colorado 2019.

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Published on January 24, 2020