“Are Mediumship and Science Compatible?” Presented by Jesús Soto

“Are mediumship and Science Compatible?”

In this presentation Jesús Soto discusses the following ideas and more.

“Mediumship is a bilateral communication that is established and sustained between the spirits and mediums, hence mediums are those who have developed spiritual perceptual sensitivity. It is through mediums that spirits (or the discarnate – as we Spiritists prefer to call them) have the opportunity to reveal, among other things, that their consciousness had survived “death”. Are non-spiritists ready to accept mediums as an additional valid resource in scientific investigations?

History and controlled scientific studies have positively confirmed the mediumship phenomenon as a past and present reality. But, are we ready as researchers to develop and coordinate efforts to obtain more productive, constructive and effective séances? Is the scientific community willing to help mediums to understand and structure procedures, methods and protocols that can develop more concrete and objective findings? Can we break away from decades of cycles of scientific exploration in which we have all participated, only to be redirected to the beginning? Can parapsychologists and Spiritists exchange knowledge constructively? Without being overly confident, we know mediumship and science are compatible but much more needs to be done.”

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Published on May 3, 2021