Universal LovewithBruce Damer

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Bruce Damer, PhD, is coauthor with David Deamer, of a new theory on the origins of life that was featured in a Scientific American cover story in 2017. His professional interests also include space exploration, virtual reality, and entheogens. He is author of Avatars: Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet.

Host, Jeff Mishlove, thinks this may be the most heartfelt and profound video discussion released so far on the New Thinking Allowed channel. It was originally intended to be a discussion about the future destiny of humankind in outer space. Instead, it turned into a spontaneous conversation about Bruce’s inner journey — coming to terms with the reality of having been given up for adoption by his biological parents. This exploration led to various psychic openings intimately related to his scientific accomplishments.

(Recorded on May 17, 2019)

Published on June 7, 2019


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