Understanding HyperspacewithSaul-Paul Sirag

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saul-paul sirag adex theory saul-paul sirag adex theory: how the ade coxeter graphs unify mathematics and physics

Saul-Paul Sirag is author of ADEX Theory: How the ADE Coxeter Graphs Unify Mathematics and Physics. He is also author of an Appendix titled “Consciousness: A Hyperspace View” that was published in the 1993 edition of Jeffrey Mishlove’s book, The Roots of Consciousness.

Here he notes that modern interest in hyperspace began with the publication of the classic short novel, Flatland, by Edwin A. Abbott in 1884. Subsequently came the Kaluza-Klein theory that unified gravity with electromagnetism in 1921, requiring five spacial dimensions. Serious interest in hyperspace emerged in the 1970s with the development of string theory. Sirag notes that certain people seem to possess a natural ability to visualize more than three dimensions of space.

(Recorded on September 24, 2018)

Published on September 30, 2018


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