The Psychic SeventieswithSaul-Paul Sirag

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saul-paul sirag adex theory saul-paul sirag adex theory: how the ade coxeter graphs unify mathematics and physics

Saul-Paul Sirag is author of ADEX Theory: How the ADE Coxeter Graphs Unify Mathematics and Physics. He is also author of an Appendix titled “Consciousness: A Hyperspace View” that was published in the 1993 edition of Jeffrey Mishlove’s book, The Roots of Consciousness.

Here he and Jeff reflect on their time together almost a half-century ago. Their memories include time exploring UFO phenomena, interacting with the famous Israeli psychic, Uri Geller, and living at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley, California. It was also a time of great ferment in the world of physics at Berkeley. Both Saul-Paul (mostly) and Jeff (slightly) were written about in historian of science David Kaiser’s book How the Hippies Saved Physics. The conversation also focuses on Jungian synchronicities.

(Recorded on September 26, 2018)

Published on September 30, 2018


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