Understanding CosmologywithSaul-Paul Sirag

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saul-paul sirag adex theory saul-paul sirag adex theory: how the ade coxeter graphs unify mathematics and physics

Saul-Paul Sirag is author of ADEX Theory: How the ADE Coxeter Graphs Unify Mathematics and Physics. He is also author of an Appendix titled “Consciousness: A Hyperspace View” that was published in the 1993 edition of Jeffrey Mishlove’s book, The Roots of Consciousness.

Here he reviews highlights from the history of cosmology starting with Albert Einstein and Sir Arthur Eddington. He describes how Einstein modified some of his relativity equations in response to the astronomical observations of Edwin Hubble. He explains how Hubble’s work showed that the universe was much larger than our own Milky Way galaxy — and the distant sky is filled with other nebulae. More recently, cosmologists are dealing with the implications of string theory research.

(Recorded on October 2, 2018)

Published on October 4, 2018


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