The Vibrational World of Subtle Energy

We, Like Everything Around Us, Function Under Two Sets of the Laws of Nature

Olga Strashun

Strashun Institute, Toronto, ON, Canada

Introduction: This paper explores an innovative system and is based on 30 years of assembling information through personal observation, experimentation and practical application of the ways in which the vibrational world of Subtle Energy (SE) operates and manifests in every aspect of our life.

We, like everything around us, function under two sets of the Laws of Nature. One comes from the world of solidity and seemingly separate things. In this world, our bodies are born and eventually stop functioning. These Laws of Nature are well researched. The other is from the domain of the vibrational world of Subtle Energy where the subject is not much known.

The principles of nature operating in the vibrational world of SE are very different to those we studied in school and were conditioned to follow in our life. When we know, to some extent, how SE functions, our understanding of the world and human nature is enormously enhanced. If we apply this knowledge to our everyday life and work, we will have the tools to:

● get objective information on something we want to know about that is not tainted by our subjective feelings,

● receive guidance anytime and anywhere in finding solutions to our problems, especially in situations with incomplete information,

● analyze people’s nature and, even without meeting them, understand their nature, abilities, and how those abilities are being used,

● analyze the dynamics between people in different environments (family, working), with minimal information,

● and much more.

This novel and innovative system presents a systematic picture of how SE differs from other types of energy and manifestation of its principles in every aspect of being, where:

● on the deepest level of reality, we are all made from the same matter and interconnected,

● SE is not electromagnetic or gravitational in nature,

● thoughts are Energy and affect matter,

● everything vibrates, the quality of vibrations is important information,

● notion of emptiness and locality does not exist,

● in a form of vibrations nothing disappears, but stays forever and everywhere,

● past, present and future exist at the same time,

● information about everything is coded in vibrations and available anytime and anyplace, and much more.

Methods: At the present time, there is no technology available to register, measure or produce Subtle Energy (SE). The only way to learn about its properties is to analyze the results achieved in experiments and assess information related to the subject that comes to our attention from our professional and daily life.

My system of how Subtle Energy works and interpretation of information coded in vibrations started in 1987 at a research laboratory founded by the USSR Ministry of Space. At the laboratory, Subtle Energy was studied in depth on how and where to use its properties and was also applied in the selection and training of astronauts. As an MD working at the emergency ward, I started to experiment with diagnosing patients using 3-D “holograms” of organs. I was using statistics to compare my findings with a traditional way to come to diagnosis – collecting a history of a disease, tests, result of surgeries, etc. What was even a heresy to think about, turned out to become a reality. With Dr Polyakov, the head of the Laboratory, I participated in evaluating the health of 80 top managers of a large industrial company, where the two of us had to come up with independent conclusions. Our diagnoses were then compared to the managers health files. Findings showed that our results were 93% identical and were over 80% in agreement with their files. I also participated in experiments proving a non-electromagnetic nature of Subtle Energy as well as the effect of a mental program on changing EEGs. In other experiments, mental programming was used to improve the outcome of experiments. I continued my research and experimentation on Subtle Energy in Toronto, Canada for another thirty plus years. My findings have been reflected in my book Subtle Energy: Information to Enhance, Guide, and Heal.

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Published on May 18, 2022