Rob Verkerk Intro – The Great Disconnect

Live webinar in Thursday, 13 August • 7.30-9.30 PM (BST)

The Great Disconnect – Why so many think a Covid Vaccine is our only Option

There is more to the COVID Vaccine narrative than meets the eye. Join pioneering sustainability scientist Dr Rob Verkerk for a revealing analysis of how science, medicine, business and politics are systemically intertwined and narrow our definition of health while alienating us from nature and compromising our immune resilience.

A moderately contagious, relatively low virulence virus that jumped into humans some time in 2019 has created a level of mayhem few of us alive today have ever experienced. What was often dressed up as ‘science’ has been used to political or economic ends, often at the cost of the public, including their lives. Fear has been programmed into populations to ensure compliance with government containment or mitigation strategies. All the while, our most important shield against the virus, the human immune system, has been either ignored or relegated to the bottom of the priority list.

In this webinar, multi-disciplinary, sustainability scientist Rob Verkerk will take us on a journey through the various transgressions of the scientific process, to the dishonouring of the Hippocratic Oath of doctors, and to the abuse of social justice, to where we are today. Along the way we’ll learn more about how reductionism and the siloing of science and medicine, coupled with our healthcare system’s business with disease and its reliance on patented new-to-nature technologies have alienated us ever further from our evolutionary course with the natural world that surrounds us. As we’ll learn, the solution lies in reconnecting with nature, in building our psychological, physiological and community resilience, all of this being within our own powers, not those of governments or health authorities.

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Published on July 29, 2020