Ram Dass (1931-2019) Part 1 Complete: Compassion in Action – Thinking AllowedwithJeffrey Mishlove

NOTE: This is the full broadcast portion of the interview. It was continued in-studio with an additional 58-minute discussion which is available here: https://youtu.be/VQZ8oPXgK8o

Ram Dass probes deeply into the nature of helping relationships. He suggests that when we see deeply into each human being, no matter how desperate the situation, we are able to honor and learn from them. If we view ourselves as the “helper,” we become trapped in the prison of our own self-image — and this interferes with genuine compassion.

Ram Dass’ own path led him to look for God in every person and situation. Following this path, his life of service included working with refugees, with the blind, and with the dying. In this moving, two-part program, he examines the delicate state of awareness in which one acts compassionately for social change while also accepting the world exactly as it is.

Published on June 3, 2011