Quantifying biofield strength using biological sensors | Nelson Abreu

A measure of bioenergy influence or exteriorization and a method to indirectly measure it are proposed. The method employs differential color analysis of wilting flowers in water. A simplified method using pixel analysis of photographs of treated and untreated flowers is described. Sample data is analyzed for illustrative purposes. Recommendations for ongoing development are described, setting the stage for future experimental programs.

Bio: Nelson Abreu is an applied consciousness engineer and ed- ucator. He is a founding partner and Director of Consciousness Technologies at the Institute of Applied Consciousness Technologies (I-ACT). He has been a collaborator with International Academy of Consciousness and International Consciousness Research Laboratories since 2003. He has served as Student Members’ Representative of the Society for Scientific Exploration. Nelson co-founded student organizations at Nova High in Fort Lauderdale (1998) and at University of Florida (2003), where he helped establish a university course on consciousness (2005-2009). He has lectured throughout North America and Europe to academic and lay audiences and published in four anthologies: Filters and Reflections (2009), The Out-of- Body Experience (2015), Consciousness Beyond the Body (2016), and Being and Biology (2017).

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada 2018.

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Published on December 28, 2021