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Nancy du Tertre, JD, is a corporate lawyer specializing in securities litigation. She is also a psychic detective, spiritual medium, medical intuitive, and remote viewer. She is author of Psychic Intuition: Everything You Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know. She has also written How to Talk to an Alien. In addition she is certified in the Intuitive Gestalt Dialogue Method.

Here she notes that she spent over a decade as a student and apprentice of a working psychic detective in New Jersey, Nancy Orlen Weber. The training included many hours of practicing picking up information about unknown targets. This particular intuitive specialty requires the type of person who is willing and able to confront the inner workings of individual evildoers. She discusses her own experiences working on cases. There are occasions when information is received in a literal fashion; and there are other instances in which psychic impressions must be interpreted symbolically. One learns how to discern between these through practice and experience. She emphasizes that psychic detectives operate as a tool for law enforcement. They are part of a team; and are always dependent upon others to actually solve cases. When working on a case she appreciates a certain amount of feedback that allows her to focus and then provide further information.

(Recorded November 18, 2015)

Published on November 24, 2015


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