Potential Alien Telepathic CommunicationwithAngela Thompson Smith

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paul h smith reading the enemy's mind lyn buchanan the seventh sense angela thompson smith diary of an abduction: a scientist probes the enigma of her alien contact angela thompson smith seer: thirty years of remote viewing angela thompson smith tactical remote viewing angela thompson smith remote perceptions whitley strieber communion charles james hall millennial hospitality robin w winks laurance s. rockefeller: catalyst for conservation g wayne miller an uncommon man: the life and times of senator claiborne pell charles james hall walking with the tall whites ed dames tell me what you see ingo swann to kiss earth goodbye ingo swann penetration jacques vallee dimensions: a casebook of alien contact ardy sixkiller clarke space age indians: their encounters with the blue men, reptilians, and other star people ardy sixkiller clarke more encounters with star people anne and whitley strieber the afterlife revolution jeffrey mishlove the pk man bernardo kastrup decoding schopenhauer's metaphysics wayne miller an uncommon man: the life and times of senator claiborne pell

Angela Thompson Smith, PhD, is a founding board member of the International Remote Viewing Association. She is author of Seer: Thirty Years of Remote Viewing, Tactical Remote Viewing, Remote Perceptions, and Diary of an Abduction: A Scientist Probes the Enigma of Her Alien Contact. She is coauthor, with C. B. Scott Jones, PhD, of Voices From the Cosmos. Her website is https://mindwiseconsulting.com/

Here she describes a year long project, paid for by a consulting client, in which she endeavored to establish telepathic communication with a variety of non-human, presumably extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional, entities. Admittedly, the results of this effort are highly speculative. However, she was surprised at how extraordinarily real the experience felt. A spreadsheet describing the characteristics of 32 different alien races is available at no cost here: https://www.newthinkingallowed.com/AlienTraits.xlsx

(Recorded on June 5, 2020)

Published on July 4, 2020


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