Remote Viewing AtlantiswithAngela Thompson Smith

angela thompson smith


Angela Thompson Smith, PhD, is a founding board member of the International Remote Viewing Association. She is author of Seer: Thirty Years of Remote Viewing, Tactical Remote Viewing, Remote Perceptions, and Diary of an Abduction: A Scientist Probes the Enigma of Her Alien Contact. She is coauthor, with C. B. Scott Jones, PhD, of Voices From the Cosmos. Her website is

Here she describes a highly speculative project in which she was tasked by a long-term client to answer various questions related to ancient Atlantis. She describes her possibly retro-cognitive telepathic encounters with three individuals. She describes the social structure, technology, and religious rituals she observed. She also shares a database of resources relating to Atlantis that can be downloaded at

(Recorded on July 22, 2020)

C. B. Scott Jones and Angela Thompson Smith, Voices From the Cosmos–

Proceedings of the Symposium, Definition of the Aurignacian –

Published on August 26, 2020