Parapsychology in ChinawithSimon Duan

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Simon Duan came from China to the UK to study in the ’80s. He received a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University and currently works for the UK government on technology commercialization between the UK and China. He has long-standing interests in paranormal research and is a past vice president of the Chinese Parapsychology Association.

Here he describes Chinese culture’s historical interest in the paranormal, contemporary developments, psychic education of children in China, personal experiences of high strangeness, and his own theoretical model to explain his many observations.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:44 Chinese history & the paranormal

00:09:16 Western influence in China

00:11:03 Acupuncture & Cultural Revolution

00:12:48 Changes after Mao’s death

00:16:49 Influence of Qian Xuesheng

00:21:37 Suppression of ch’i gung

00:30:18 Simon Duan’s personal experience

00:35:44 Superpsychic Sun Chulin

00:41:59 Psychic education of children

00:55:51 Failures to validate children

00:58:45 Social suppression of psi

01:01:45 Phenomena of high strangeness

01:08:58 Extraterrestrial speculations

01:11:42 Platonic computer theory

01:18:15 Conclusion

(Recorded on December 1, 2022)

Published on January 11, 2023


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