New Quantum Medicine in the Regeneration of Heart Cells

The New Quantum Medicine in the Regeneration of Heart Cells

Flavio Burgarella

One of the topical issues in cardiological research is the possibility of treating heart failure through multi-potent stem cells which are present in the heart. The DNA of these cells requires appropriate information, which can be received epigenetically through the Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) model, a cognitive bio-quantic noetic vibrational model of life with the purpose of healing. Thanks to BQH, we can teach patients how to use three parameters of quantum physics such as Entanglement, Discontinuity, and Intricate Hierarchy, in prevention and recovery.

The energetic ability in the Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) model consists in perceiving clockwise or counterclockwise “spin fields” to which we can attribute a meaning of opposite states, such as harmonic or disharmonic. They represent the perception of an “informed conscious energy” closely related to consciousness, which is, according to quantum physicist David Bohm, wherever we want it to be.

In BQH it is also possible to send magnetic scalar waves obtained by canceling two opposing electromagnetic fields, such as those formed by the passage of oxygen-poor, paramagnetic blood into the right heart chambers and oxygenated, diamagnetic blood into the left heart chambers. The meeting of opposing magnetic waves tends to cancel them, but since, in nature, energy is neither created nor destroyed, but is transformed, it is possible for electromagnetic waves generated by the passage of blood inside the heart to originate longitudinal waves, i.e. scalar magnetic waves. These waves spread in the human magnetic field and represent the way in which cellular communication takes place through DNA, beyond time and space. They are waves invisible to common senses, but perceptible and usable by all those who have done some training with me.

The message that these waves can send to DNA is obtained through storytelling, which in BQH represents the dialogue between the Self, holographic of the All-encompassing Field of Consciousness, and the unconscious mind, through the telling of fascinating stories which, being totally unfounded, overcome the control of the conscious ego, severe representative of the rational mind. The succession of episodes of a fantastic imagination, aimed at cellular regeneration, thus allows information to be channeled through DNA with the intention supported by the unconscious mind in supporting cellular regeneration.

We started this study with satisfactory preliminary results regarding the improvement of left ventricular contractility following myocardial infarction.

The research could have enormously important results due to the fact that heart failure patients can subsequently take care of themselves by themselves, alongside the recommended pharmacological or electrical therapy.

Dr. Flavio Burgarella is a cardiologist and physiatrist with over 30 years of experience as Head of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center in Italy. He is a member of the National Order of Journalists. and founder of Heart Friends Around the World, an international association whose purpose is to promote research in cardiology. He proposed his own model “Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) ” which promotes the New Quantum Medicine (The new quantum medicine ) using quantum physics principles in clinical practice.

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Published on February 16, 2024