Messages from the AfterlifewithJonathan Beecher

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Jonathan Beecher is the founder of White Crow Books. He is editor of the anthology, In Times of War: Messages of Wisdom from Soldiers in the Afterlife.

Here describes his own transformation that occurred in the year 2000 when he suffered from an accident while sleep walking. After six weeks of recovery, he found that he was a different person. A series of spiritualistic experiences led him to a quest for knowledge. He shows how his own experiences led him to accept the claims of Air Marshall Lord Dowding, commander of the Royal Air Force during WWII’s Battle of Britain. Dowding became a devoted spiritualist and organized a rescue circle. A similar circle had been organized earlier by the noted psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Wickland. In these circles, and several others, detailed cases were recorded involving communications from deceased individuals.

(Recorded on April 13, 2019)

Published on April 15, 2019


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