Lenses of PerceptionwithDoug Marman

doug marman


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Doug Marman, an Eckankar practitioner, is author of The Whole Truth: The Spiritual Legacy of Paul Twitchell; It Is What It Is: The Personal Discourses of Rumi; The Hidden Teachings of Rumi; The Silent Questions: A Spiritual Odyssey; The Spiritual Flow of Life and the Science of Catalysts; Sukhmani: The Secret of Inner Peace; and Lenses of Perception: A Surprising New Look at the Origin of Life, the Laws of Nature, and of Our Universe. His website is https://spiritualdialogues.com/

Here he shares his insights concerning the role of first person, second person, and third person viewpoints as they pertain to scientific theories, philosophy of mind, personal relationships, and spiritual awareness. He suggests that the most neglected of these is second person, which is most closely related to interconnectedness and quantum entanglement.

(Recorded on July 15, 2020.)

Published on August 17, 2020