The Soul’s JourneywithDoug Marman

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doug marman it is what it is: the personal discourses of rumi doug marman the hidden teachings of rumi doug marman the silent questions: a spiritual odyssey doug marman the spiritual flow of life and the science of catalysts doug marman lenses of perception: a surprising new look at the origin of life, the laws of nature, and of our universe rainer maria rilke pictures of god paul twitchell the far country

Doug Marman, an Eckankar practitioner, is author of The Whole Truth: The Spiritual Legacy of Paul Twitchell; It Is What It Is: The Personal Discourses of Rumi; The Hidden Teachings of Rumi; The Silent Questions: A Spiritual Odyssey; The Spiritual Flow of Life and the Science of Catalysts; Sukhmani: The Secret of Inner Peace; and Lenses of Perception: A Surprising New Look at the Origin of Life, the Laws of Nature, and of Our Universe. His website is

Here he describes his own unique path through life – starting with mystical and psychic experiences from childhood. Following his inner promptings, he dropped out of college and spent weeks alone in a tent in the woods. With only $35 in his pocket, he travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada, in order to connect with the spiritual school founded by Paul Twitchell. Working in the office there, he learned much and was fired twice. His intuitive insights led to a career in high-technology and over twenty patents.

(Recorded on June 3, 2020.)

Published on June 7, 2020


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