Intuitive Consciousness as a Cultural ForcewithCarl Abrahamsson

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carl abrahamsson reasonances anton szandor lavey the satanic bible carl abrahamsson the fenris wolf rudolf steiner nature's open secrets paul bowles the sheltering sky mary losure isaac the alchemist jason reza jorjani prometheus and atlas sigmund freud the unconscious arthur c clarke childhood's end joseph campbell the masks of god roy thomas superman: the war years jeffrey kripal mutants and mystics friedrich nietzsche the will to power gary lachman rudolf steiner: an introduction to his life and work aleister crowley magick in theory and practice lawrence sutin do what thou wilt: a life of aleister crowley arthur schopenhauer the world as will and representation gary lachman aleister crowley johann goethe faust alan palmer bernadotte: napoleon's marshall, sweden's king nicholas goodrick-clarke the occult roots of nazism h p lovecraft chulhu arthur clarke childhood's end

Carl Abrahamsson is both a filmmaker and author. His most recent film is titled “Anton LaVey: Into the Devil’s Den”. Other films include “Poems Are Living Things” and “Cinemagician: Conversations with Kenneth Anger”. His most recent book is titled Occulture: The Hidden Forces That Drive Culture Forward. He also edits The Fenris Wolf, an annual anthology of occulture. His websites include

This far-ranging, open-ended conversation explores the role of intuitive consciousness as a cultural force. The discussion focuses on Sir Isaac Newton as a spiritual alchemist and archetypal materialist. Other topics include the role of psychic functioning as well the fear of psi, the Nietzschean emphasis on the “superman”, and even the possibility of psychedelic mushroom spores from outer space.

(Recorded on July 12, 2020)

Published on August 14, 2020


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