Anton LaVey and the Church of SatanwithCarl Abrahamsson

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Carl Abrahamsson is both a filmmaker and author. His most recent film is titled “Anton LaVey: Into the Devil’s Den”. Other films include “Poems Are Living Things” and “Cinemagician: Conversations with Kenneth Anger”. His most recent book is titled Occulture: The Hidden Forces That Drive Culture Forward. He also edits The Fenris Wolf, an annual anthology of occulture. His websites include

Here he describes how he met Anton LaVey and became an official member of the Church of Satan. He describes LaVey’s love of music and of old film noir movies. He points out that the Church of Satan represented a social critique of mainstream hypocrisy, as well as a celebration of life’s pleasures. He suggests that LaVey’s Satanic Bible combined astute psychological insights with a deep knowledge of occult principles, particularly concerning ritual magick. He describes LaVey as a modern occultist, as compared with either Aleister Crowley or Rudolf Steiner.

(Recorded on June 15, 2020)

White Stains, Sweet Jayne (audio recording) –

Paul Muni, Angel on My Shoulder (video) –

Published on July 4, 2020


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