I Ching ExplainedwithBenebell Wen

Discover the mysteries of the I-Ching with our exclusive interview with a seasoned practitioner! Dive deep into the ancient Chinese divination system’s relevance in today’s world, its intersection with psychology, and how it relates to other esoteric practices. This insightful discussion demystifies the concepts of Yin-Yang, the Five Elements, and the Eight Trigrams for the modern seeker. Whether new to the I-Ching or a long-time enthusiast, this video promises a fresh perspective on its age-old wisdom.

Benebell Wen is the author of I Ching, The Oracle (2023), The Tao of Craft: Fu Talismans and Casting Sigils in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition (2016), and Holistic Tarot (2015). You can find more of her works on her website www.benebellwen.com and her YouTube channel, @BenebellWen.


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00:00:00 Introduction: Support Angela’s Symposium

00:01:56 Meet Benabell Wen – I Ching scholar

00:02:34 How to pronounce I Ching

00:02:47 What is the I Ching

00:04:20 Origins of the I Ching

00:05:46 Other applications of the I Ching

00:06:55 Popularization of the I Ching

00:09:13 Understanding in the West vs East

00:11:02 How it is used for divination

00:14:51 I Ching vs Tarot

00:19:04 Cosmology of the I Ching

00:23:55 I Ching as a philosophy

00:27:01 Can one change a predicted future?

00:28:47 How to cultivate Qi

00:32:41 Nature of good and evil

00:36:56 The Five forces of nature

00:37:33 Significant numbers in the I Ching

00:40:30 The Yin and Yang symbol

00:45:41 I Ching and other religions

00:49:10 Carl Jung and the I Ching

00:58:22 Terminology

01:07:34 Questions the I Ching can/cannot answer

01:08:48 Benebell Wen’s favourite I Ching experience

01:10:10 Benebell Wen’s new book

01:13:56 Benebell Wen’s contact details

01:14:42 Support Angela’s Symposium

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Published on August 28, 2023