High Strangeness & The Mind of GodwithRey Hernandez

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rey hernandez beyond ufos: the science of consciousness and contact with non human intelligence

Reinerio Hernandez, JD, MCP, is currently the Director of the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute (CCRI). He is editor of several anthologies including Beyond UFOs, and the first two volumes of A Greater Reality. He is author of The Mind of God: A Spiritual-Virtual Reality Model of Consciousness & The Contact Modalities.

Here he emphasizes his core argument that there is a unity behind UFO encounters, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, entheogenic experiences, mystical experiences, apports, materializations and other events associated with high-strangeness. He refers to these as “contact modalities.” Although he admits that he cannot specify the precise workings of that unity, he attributes it to “the mind of God.” He maintains that consciousness is fundamental and that what we perceive as the physical world is, in effect, a virtual realty, or a projection from a higher spiritual reality. He suggests that the best metaphor for this projection is to think in terms of Russian nesting dolls.

(Recorded on October 23, 2022)

Published on November 16, 2022


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