Controlled Remote Viewing TrainingwithIngo Swann, and the Origin of the CRV “Manuals”

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Celebrating the 1,000-member milestone for Paul H. Smith’s Remote Viewing/Remote Viewing Facebook group, this fascinating Zoom discussion ranges from how these two remote viewing luminaries ended up in the Star Gate program, to what it was like to be trained by the legendary Into Swann, to how the two key documents recording the Swann/Puthoff Controlled Remote Viewing methodology came into existence. Tom and Paul also set the record straight on the fabled “Stages beyond 6” that rumor has it Swann formulated. There is also straight talk on what CRV Stage 5 amounts to, and whether there has ever been a case of objects located at the targeted remote viewing site being “teleported” back to the remote viewer’s location. Plus various other topics besides.

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Published on April 6, 2021