By Our Bootstraps: An Egregorial Model of Reality | Anthony Peake

Anthony Peake was educated at the undergraduate level at The University of Warwick and studied at the post-graduate level at The London School of Economics and The University of Westminster. He has written nine books, co-authored a tenth (with Professor Ervin Laszlo), and co-edited an eleventh (which was nominated for Psychiatric Book of the Year in the British Medical Association Book Awards for 2012). His books have been translated into every major European language and a number of minor ones and now have sales in excess of 100,000 copies. He has lectured in the UK, USA, Australia, and in a number of countries in Europe. He has also appeared on BBC Five Live and numerous BBC radio stations and is a regular guest on web-based podcasts across the world. His latest book, Cheating the Ferryman: The Revolutionary Science of Life After Death, was published in 2022.


The relationship between consciousness, that is, “awareness,” and the physical universe has been an ongoing mystery to modern science. Indeed, in 1995 Australian philosopher David Chalmers called this the ‘hard problem.’ By this, he meant how can inanimate matter, in the form of aggregates of atoms and molecules, create self-aware, reflexive consciousness? At what point does consciousness appear? Is it simply an epiphenomenon that appears when systems become more complex? In this presentation, I will argue that modern science has got things the wrong way around. It is consciousness that creates matter. I will present evidence for this from various areas of modern research, but specifically quantum mechanics, cosmology, and simulation theory. I call this the Egregorial Interpretation. I use this model to explain many if not all, psychic perceptions and encounters.


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Published on September 6, 2023