Abduction Aboard a UFOwithSamuel Chong

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Samuel Chong is a certified court interpreter and a Chinese translator. He was instrumental in arranging for the Chinese publication of Michel Desmarquet’s book, Thiaoouba Prophecy, which has been a best-seller.

Here he describes his original life-changing encounter with Desmarquet’s book, prompting him to make the journey twice to Vietnam in order to meet Desmarquet. This resulted in a close working relationship that eventually led to the Chinese publication. Desmarquet describes how he was abducted by very kind and attractive, 8-foot tall, hermaphroditic, humanoid aliens and taken to their advanced planet. The general (albeit not specific) features of Desmarquet’s story, factually true or not, are consistent with many similar accounts by other supposed UFO contactees. Jeffrey Mishlove’s introduction emphasizes this case as exemplary for exploring the boundary between the imaginary and the imaginal.

(Recorded on June 10, 2022)

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Published on July 6, 2022


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