A Preliminary Macro-PK Investigation at a Martial Arts Center | Erick Dullin

Eric Dullin joined the Laboratoire d’Anomalies Psychophysiques et Dissonances Cognitives (LAPDC) in 2014 and is focused on two lines of macro-PK research: 1) An experimental one, working with psychokinesis practitioners to validate them through detailed measurement, and reaching better ways to understand the phenomenon; and 2) a non-experimental one, by conducting a documentary and database work around mediumship, poltergeist, and human levitation from antiquity until now.


Introduction: Speculation about the nature of mind and its relationship to physical reality has been part of our field since its inception. PK research is particularly relevant in this context, as it strongly challenges explanations that reduce consciousness to a mere epiphenomenon. Since Schmidt’s RNG studies (Millar, 2022), PK research has focused on micro-PK, involving extremely subtle effects and considerable ambiguity as to their true nature (i.e., whether indeed involving PK or instead a form of receptive psi). Directly observable and measurable PK effects would seem to be a more solid foundation for exploring ‘mind over matter’ and a number of research directions have been tested over time including analysis of spontaneous cases (RSPK or poltergeists) quasi-experimental work with physical mediums (Mulacz, 2021), and experiments focusing specifically on the movement of small objects isolated from the agent (Dullin & Jamet, 2020).

Method: We present our first investigation of Panagiotis Senteris (PS), a Greek martial-arts teacher, who one of us had encountered in 2020, and who claimed not only to produce a range of PK effects, but also to train others to produce such effects themselves. Our investigation involved a 3-person team from France (the two authors and an assistant) and took place October 22-24, 2021, at PS’s martial arts center near Athens. Our objective was to document ostensible PK effects under good observation and control conditions, based on an approach that was partly ‘anthropological’ (PS situated in his own ‘ecosystem’ with his own target materials) and partly experimental (based on our own protocols, measurement systems and target materials). Documentation was based on video recordings with multiple cameras and continuous real-time with no takes. Additionally, our approach included a number of reference (or control) trials in France, prior to and following the trials with PS, using identical target materials.

Results and Discussion: We obtained over 200 videos centered upon 14 experiments with different target materials. For the sake of this presentation, we summarize results under 4 broad categories.

A – Influence upon proximate objects

B –Temporary adhesion of objects to a vertical surface

C – Influence on distant objects (0.5 to 5 meters)

D – Physiological measurements

Conclusion: As mentioned, this was largely a field-investigation, rather than a controlled lab experiment; the results are necessarily preliminary. Nevertheless, the phenomena were all documented under good conditions of observation; PS and his students were highly cooperative and disciplined – apparently viewing the many failures with the same equanimity as the successful trials – and at no point, over the course of 3 days of close scrutiny, did our team of 3 note any suspicious behaviour. We thus feel quite positive about pursuing and extending this line of research.


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Published on May 1, 2024