Your Quantum MindwithBrenda Dunne

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Brenda Dunne served for 28 years as laboratory manager of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program. With Robert G. Jahn, she is coauthor of Margins of Reality: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World, Consciousness and the Source of Reality: The PEAR Odyssey, Quirks of the Quantum Mind, and Molecular Memories. She also served as coeditor of Filters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality and Being and Biology: Is Consciousness the Life-Force. She currently serves as president of the International Consciousness Research Lab (ICRL). Her website is

Here she suggests that the complementarity and uncertainty principles of quantum physics can be thought of as metaphors for the operation of the human mind. The term “metaphor” should not be thought of as trivial — as metaphors are always necessary when endeavoring to describe direct internal experience. All of the observations and thoughts that created quantum physics as we know it today are, in fact, products of the human psyche. The discussion focuses additionally on the experimenter effect in parapsychology.

(Recorded on June 3, 2019)

Published on June 11, 2019


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