WorkingwithAngels: Energy Healing and Spiritual Pathways | Fiona Bowie

Fiona Bowie is Research Affiliate at the Oxford University School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography. She taught anthropology in the University of Wales and Bristol University, as well as in Sweden and the USA. Her interests include religion and spirituality, afterlife studies, ethnicity and identity, kinship and adoption, with regional interests in Cameroon, the Cameroonian diaspora, and Wales.

Summary: Dr. Bowie will argue that a first-hand subjective encounter with angelic energy healing can suggest areas for parapsychology to investigate, but also that such encounters do not necessarily demand or provide the kind of proof that parapsychology seeks. Epistemological embodiment of healing energies moves the recipient from a state of ‘believing’ to one of ‘knowing’ that by-passes the need for proof, however satisfying the latter might be.


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Published on February 18, 2023