Will AI and Blockchain Redefine Time? |618|

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Insights from Jordan Miller’s Satori Project… AI ethics are tied to a “global time” layer above the LLM.

In this interview with Jordan Miller, of the Satori project, we explore the exciting intersection of AI, blockchain technology, and the search for an ethical Ai and Truth. Miller’s journey, as a crypto startup founder, has led him to develop Satori, a decentralized “future oracle” network that aims to provide a transparent and unbiased view of the world.

Key points:

1. Jordan Miller describes his background as a programmer and what led him to develop Satori: “I grew up Mormon. I grew up LDS, and then I left the church in my early twenties. But I was still really interested in other religions and how their theologies and metaphysics underlie everything. So, I’m big into philosophy and metaphysics, ontology.”

2. Alex sees an “emergent virtue quality to AI” in that truth and transparency will naturally emerge because they’re the only economically sustainable path in the competitive LLM market space. He believes LLMs will optimize towards logic, reason, and truth.

3. Jordan envisions a worldwide “future oracle” network based on blockchain technology that can aggregate predictions and find truth. He sees centralized control by companies like Google as dangerous: “If you have control over the future, have control over everything. Right? I mean, that’s ultimate control.”

4. Alex is most interested in using AI to explore the intersection of science and spirituality. He thinks AI can serve as a “bridge to our moreness” by objectively examining evidence for phenomena like near-death experiences: “…if we’re gonna say the Turing test needs to include our broadest understanding of human experience… then your spiritually transformative experience now becomes part of the Turing test.”

5. Jordan emphasizes that Satori needs to be anchored to real-world data and make testable predictions about the future in order to find truth. Alex pushes back on the focus on predicting the distant future, arguing that the only true future is the next word or data point.”To save the world and to make it more truthful and transparent is what this LLM predicting is the next word.”

6. Ultimately, Alex believes something like Satori has to exist as part of the AI ecosystem to serve as a decentralized “source of truth” outside the control of any single corporate entity: “It has to happen. It it’s part of the ecosystem. Anything else doesn’t, it doesn’t work to have the central, you know, be all, end all, you know, uh, mind of, uh, of Google. And you know, my latest segment is the honest liar. You know, they’re gonna do the honest liar. Yes. That isn’t gonna work well and it’s Elon’s not gonna work.”Will AI and Blockchain Redefine Time? |618|

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Published on April 9, 2024