What is a UFO???withGreg Bishop

Books Mentioned In This Interview

Greg Bishop is the former publisher of The Excluded Middle magazine. He is author of Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth; It Defies Language; and (with Adam Gorightly) A is For Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees. His website is http://radiomisterioso.com/greg-bishop/

Here he maintains that he is interested in understanding UFO phenomena, not in “proving” that they are anything in particular. The key to understanding is to observe the reactions of people, both before and after their encounters. If they were simply extraterrestrial hardware, it is unlikely they would have such life-changing impacts upon people. Something else is going on which requires an understanding of human psychology. Also, the connections between UFO phenomenology and afterlife encounters cannot be ignored.

(Recorded on May 20, 2022)

Published on July 1, 2022


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