Walter Meyer zu Erpen PF Lyceum Physical Mediumship October 2016

Canadian archivist Walter Meyer zu Erpen gave a presentation called ” Ectoplasm: Myth or Reality” for the October 22nd, 2016 Parapsychology Foundation Lyceum Forum “Physical Mediumship”. The presentation highlighted the psychical research experiments by Dr. T. Glen Hamilton and Associates, which took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba from 1918 through 1935. Walter Meyer zu Erpen also examined the importance of maintaining archives of records and papers of similar groups that attempted to study exceptional experiences systematically.

The Parapsychology Foundation Lyceum Forum was a month-long course with four live presentations on physical mediumship from the 19th through 21st centuries.

The Parapsychology Foundation is a non profit (503c) institution that was founded in 1951 to promote the scientific study of psychic phenomena.

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Published on September 11, 2018