UFO, Star Seeds & Ascended Masters: the New Age Spirituality

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Are aliens UFO and UFOs really ascended masters and star seeds? Let’s explore the New Age movement and the different spiritual beliefs involving aliens.

Unlock the mysteries of the universe as we explore the connections between UFO, star seeds, ascended masters, and theosophy in this enlightening video. Journey into the heart of unique religious movements like The Aetherius Society, Heaven’s Gate, Raëlism, and the Unarius Academy of Science, unraveling how UFO beliefs intertwine with spiritual concepts of star seeds and ascended masters.

Discover the profound impact of UFO sightings and encounters on human spirituality, and learn how the theosophical tradition has shaped the New Age understanding of cosmic consciousness. With insights into star seeds, believed to be souls with a cosmic origin, and the wisdom of ascended masters guiding humanity, this video offers a comprehensive view of a spiritual landscape that reaches beyond our earthly existence.


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00:00 Introduction: Alien connections

01:42 Support Angela’s Symposium

02:08 UFOs and religions

04:08 History of UFO religions

05:30 19thC influence of Theosophy

06:35 Star Seeds

07:44 The Aetherius Society

10:04 Unarius Academy of Science

10:32 The Raelian Movement

11:06 The Church of the SubGenius

11:34 Heaven’s Gate

12:52 Abductions etc.

14:17 Conspiracy Theories

16:20 Support Angela’s Symposium

Music by Erose MusicBand. Check them out!

Published on August 6, 2023