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Charles Upton’s first books of poetry were published in 1968 and 1969 by Lawrence Ferlinghetti of City Light Books in San Francisco. He was then considered the youngest member of the “beat generation” as he was still in high school. He has subsequently written many books associated with the traditionalist school of spirituality including The Science of the Greater Jihad, Folk Metaphysics, Alien Disclosure Deception: The Metaphysics of Social Engineering, Day and Night on the Sufi Path, and Dugin Against Dugin: A Traditionalist Critique of the Fourth Political Theory. His two books that deal most with Theodicy are System of the Antichrist and Vectors of the Counter-Initiation. His website is

Here he approaches theodicy (the justification of god’s goodness, omniscience, and omnipotence in the face of evil) as an inevitable problem facing those on a spiritual path.

00:00:00 Introduction and poem

00:13:18 Book of Job

00:19:57 The premise

00:32:41 Value of suffering

00:38:42 Privatio boni

00:41:55 Gnosticism

00:55:03 Sufi theodicy

01:00:05 Final poem

01:17:58 Conclusion

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(Recorded on April 26, 2023)

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Published on May 12, 2023


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