The Spiritual QuestwithDan Millman

Books Mentioned In This Interview

Dan Millman is author of the novel, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, that was made into a motion picture. His other books on the spiritual quest include Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior, The Life You Were Born to Live, The Four Purposes of Life, Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior, Everyday Enlightenment, Body Mind Mastery, and most recently Peaceful Heart Warrior Spirit: The True Story of My Spiritual Quest. His website is

Here he describes four of the most important teachers he studied on his journey: Oscar Ichazo, founder of the Arica School (the Professor); American spiritual master Adi Da Samraj (the Guru); martial artist Michael Bookbinder (the warrior-priest); and psychologist, David K. Reynolds, who developed the system of Constructive Living (the Sage). He also suggests that his fictional writings in the Peaceful Warrior series could be considered akin to channeling.

(Recorded on March 7, 2022)

Published on March 25, 2022


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