The Making of a Physical MediumwithStewart Alexander

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katie halliwell experiences of trance, physical mediumship, and associated phenomena whoopie goldberg ghost leslie flint voices in the dark stewart alexander physical séance room recollections alan e crossley the story of helen duncan: materialization medium louie harris alec harris: the full story of his remarkable physical mediumship

Stewart Alexander is a physical medium who has been an active spiritualist for over a half century. He is the author of An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoir of a Physical Medium. His work has also been described in Leslie Kean’s award-winning book, Surviving Death. His website is

Here he describes the lengthy process of developing physical mediumship within the context of spiritualist home circles. It was well over a decade of regular sessions before the first manifestation of a physical phenomenon. Along the way, he benefitted from the encouragement of mentors. Eventually, a “spirit team” was formed with each personality performing specific functions during séances.

(Recorded on November 16, 2020)

Whoopie Goldberg, Ghost (video) –

Stewart Alexander, Physical Séance Room Recollections (audio) –

Published on December 2, 2020


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