Experiences of a Physical MediumwithStewart Alexander

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alan e crossley the story of helen duncan: materialization medium

Stewart Alexander is a physical medium who has been an active spiritualist for over a half century. He is the author of An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoir of a Physical Medium. His work has also been described in Leslie Kean’s award-winning book, Surviving Death. His website is https://stewartalexandermedium.com/.

Here he shares some of the awe-inspiring moments he has experienced in his half-century career in spiritualism. They include levitations and materializations, healings, and direct voice communication. He explains the role of ectoplasm in these manifestations. He emphasizes the important role of a sincere and dedicated home circle. He describes how he has kept his mediumship activities separate from his work and family life.

(Recorded on December 22, 2020)

Published on January 11, 2021


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