The Case against Reality Patreon lecture for Magus+ patrons

Are you ready to challenge your perceptions and explore the boundaries of reality? This event is specifically curated for our Magus-tier or higher patrons and other keen minds who yearn for deeper understanding.

We are excited to announce an exclusive lecture on Donald Hoffman’s groundbreaking work, “The Case Against Reality.”

Hoffman, a cognitive scientist, dares us to question if what we perceive as reality is merely a user-friendly interface rather than the truth. His theories could revolutionize our understanding of consciousness, perception, and reality itself.

Here are some thought-provoking questions we’ll dive into:

1️⃣ Could our senses, shaped by evolution, present us merely with a façade of reality, optimized for survival but not for revealing the truth?

2️⃣ Might consciousness, not matter, be the fundamental fabric of the universe?

3️⃣ How do Hoffman’s theories intersect with quantum physics, offering fresh perspectives on its enduring mysteries?

4️⃣ Is it possible that esoteric practices and altered states of consciousness provide alternative, valid interfaces with reality?

Join us on May 27 at 4 PM UK time . Can’t make it live? No worries! The lecture will be available on-demand for all our Magus and higher-level patrons.

This event is an exciting opportunity to explore these fascinating concepts with a community of like-minded seekers. Don’t miss this chance to enrich your understanding and challenge your perceptions.

Not a patron yet? Visit our Patreon page and become a part of our vibrant community. Together, let’s journey into the depths of reality and beyond!

Here’s the link to join the lecture

Published on May 26, 2023