The Afterlife and the UnconsciouswithStephani Stephens

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james hillman the soul's code carl g jung the red book carl g jung memories dreams and reflections daniel ogden greek and roman necromancy virgil the aeneid raymond moody life after life raymond moody reunions dianne skafte listening to the oracle g gordon wasson the road to eleusis sigmund freud civilization and its discontents marie louise von franz archetypal dimensions of the psyche kelly bulkeley an introduction to the psychology of dreaming

Stephani Stephens, PhD, served on the Executive Committee of the International Association of Jungian Studies. Currently, she is a Lecturer in Counseling at the University of Canberra and is a practicing psychotherapist in Canberra, Australia. She is the recipient of the 2018 Frances P. Bolton Fellowship from the Parapsychology Foundation. She is author of C. G. Jung and the Dead: Visions, Active Imagination and the Unconscious Terrain.

Here she describes Carl Jung’s encounters with the departed during dreams and visions – as reported in his autobiography and journals. She points out that he distinguished between “souls without bodies” and the other figures of the unconscious mind. Jung’s explorations are akin to encounters with the afterlife as described by Homer and Virgil in classical literature. They are also relevant to psychical research and parapsychology.

(Recorded December 8 2020)


Published on December 23, 2020


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