Carl G. Jung’s Visions of the DeadwithStephani Stephens

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Stephani Stephens, PhD, served on the Executive Committee of the International Association of Jungian Studies. Currently, she is a Lecturer in Counseling at the University of Canberra and is a practicing psychotherapist in Canberra, Australia. She is the recipient of the 2018 Frances P. Bolton Fellowship from the Parapsychology Foundation. She is author of C. G. Jung and the Dead: Visions, Active Imagination and the Unconscious Terrain.

Here she describes details of Jung’s visionary journey, as documented in the Red Book, insofar as it pertains to communication with the deceased. These include initiations and healings as well as conversations with a range of departed individuals, some of whom are specifically identified. Jung struggled to distinguish between the actual dead and the archetypal figures of the unconscious.

(Recorded December 22, 2020)


Published on January 13, 2021


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