SSE Talks – Torsion, the Aura, and Biophotons – Claude Swanson


Descriptions of the human aura go back thousands of years in Chinese medicine and Hindu yoga. Its existence and general properties are universally acknowledged by energy healers, who say that assessing and manipulating the components of the aura are an integral part of many healing practices. As evidence has mounted in recent years that energy healing works, and is even effective over thousands of miles, yet questions remain: What is the nature of the aura? What is it made of? What role does it play in long range healing?

Dr. Swanson has recently completed a comprehensive study of subtle energy and the role it plays in energy medicine. This is summarized in his new book, Life Force, The Scientific Basis, a comprehensive study of subtle energy. In it, he develops a model based on physics which explains the nature of the aura. It is based on a form of energy called “torsion,” which interacts with particle spins, and was discovered in Russia in the 1950’s. Torsion has undergone extensive verification and is believed by Russian scientists to be the same thing as subtle energy.

Torsion is produced whenever a particle undergoes a spin flip. When absorbed it causes a spin change in the absorbing particle. As a result, it is produced whenever electromagnetic energy is produced. Consequently, the biophoton field inside the body is accompanied by a torsion field which has similar frequency and structure. One difference is that the biophoton field is kept primarily inside the body, while the torsion field extends beyond the body. F.-A. Popp has shown that the biophoton field has phase coherence and other properties needed to create a hologram inside the body. It serves as a template to guide growth and repair processes within the body. Outside the body the torsion field has a similar holographic structure, which creates the layers and chakras described by healers.

According to Russian research, the torsion field has components which travel faster than light as well as a component which travels backwards in time. This has been verified experimentally in astronomical measurements using torsion detectors. These factors, together with its coupling to the biophoton field, make torsion the ideal candidate as the carrier of long distance healing and consciousness information. It explains how healers are able to affect their clients over thousands of miles, as well as how QiGong masters are able to affect physical phenomena at long range. It may also be the underlying “force” which mediates other psychic phenomena, such as ESP, PK and remote viewing.

A method of focusing called “four dimensional holography” is proposed to explain how consciousness phenomena operate over great distances without weakening, and how the effects can be received either earlier or later than the transmission. It explains how QiGong healers can project their influence with pinpoint accuracy and how this force can affect a wide variety of physical phenomena. This model also has application to other effects related to non-local consciousness.

Figure 1. Holographic fields of biophotons, inside body, and torsion field forming aura, outside body.

Dr. Swanson was educated as a physicist at MIT (’69) and received his Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University (1976). He has worked as a consultant in applied physics for more than two decades, as well as pursuing research into the physics of anomalous phenomena. His primary interest is in identifying areas of anomaly and developing an expanded physics model which can account for such phenomena. He has written a book, “The Synchronized Universe-New Science of the Paranormal,” summarizing some of his findings.

Recorded at the 29th annual SSE Conference in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on May 5, 2011