SSE Talks – Psi and UFOs: Lessons for Physics 3/4


The Common Elements of Parapsychology and UFO Experiences: Lessons for Physics


Physicist and NSF fellow Claude Swanson examines the evidence supporting a range of anomalous phenomena, from UFOs to parapsychology, and discusses their potential implications to physical theory.

About the author(s):

Dr. Swanson was educated as a physicist at MIT (69) and received his Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University (1976). He has worked as a consultant in applied physics for more than two decades, as well as pursuing research into the physics of anomalous phenomena. His primary interest is in identifying areas of anomaly and developing an expanded physics model which can account for such phenomena. He has written a book, The Synchronized Universe-New Science of the Paranormal, summarizing some of his findings.

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Published on April 14, 2009