SSE Talks – Kundalini: A Consciousness Field Effect? – Dale Graff


A variety of mental exercises or disciplines assist individuals in achieving specific goals. In this presentation I explore a phenomenon associated with kundalini yoga. Other cultures have described similar effects using different terms and facilitating concepts. My material is based on key aspects from the kundalini literature including the writings of kundalini practitioners and those who have examined the reported effects. I describe observations from colleagues and from my own personal experiences. These experiences show how a link with kundalini phenomenon led to my interest in precognition. I provide a few illustrations where the kundalini effect enhanced the precognitive results, including a long distance communication experiment with a deep diving submersible and specific future events such as the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

Kundalini experiences can include a variety of unusual sensations that are disturbing and seem to originate from an unusual force, perhaps a combination of electric and magnetic, or some type of subtle energy. They may even lead to dreams with symbolism that seems threatening. Questions explored include: What is kundalini? How or why is it experienced? How does it relate to body physiology? Why is kundalini believed to be some form of energy or energy transfer? What are some of the indicators of kundalini activation? What are the implications of kundalini for the physical sciences, particularly for our understanding of space-time and consciousness field concepts?

I conclude with speculations on how kundalini effects can provide insight into the nature of reality and brain/mind connectivity. Future research suggestions are provided.

Dale E. Graff, PSI-SEMINARS-INITIATIVES. Web Site: Physicist, facilitator, author, Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness, RIVER DREAMS.

Recorded at the 29th annual SSE Conference in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on May 5, 2011