SSE Talks – Healing Asperger’s Syndrome – Richard Blasband


To provide new information about a possible etiology of Asperger’s Syndrome as seen from a healer’s point-of-view and to demonstrate the use of empathic coaching and healing by intention to alleviate some of the symptoms of this syndrome.

Procedure: The treatment was two-fold, first, to provide coaching of behavior in this very bright and mature 18 year old woman who was suffering from problems in learning mathematics, inattention, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, lack of feeling in the left hemisphere of her brain and a symptom she called “galloping,” a practically all-day pacing back and forth due to an inner sense of urgency. Second, to heal using the Levashov Method of mental intention to scan and enter the etheric and astral bodies of Gwen’s (fictitious name) subtle body structure and make corrections where needed. Coaching was provided by Dr. Surel and took place weekly since mid-January of 2010. Healing was provided by Dr. Blasband for 15 minute sessions three to five days per week during the same period.

Results: Within one week of beginning treatment the galloping decreased 80-90%. Each healing session was followed by a marked diminution of her inner sense of “urgency.” Within two months of treatment she was hardly pacing at all and her ability to learn math had markedly improved as had her capacity for interpersonal relationships. The symptom of lack of feeling in the brain was eliminated with one healing session. A hiatus in healing of 5 days due to difficulties in the family resulted in a return of symptoms in full force. These were again alleviated with coaching and healing.

Conclusion: This single example of a young woman with Asperger’s Syndrome treated by a coach and healer working in harmony demonstrates that it is possible to strongly influence the course of this usually refractory syndrome. While permanent cure has yet to be demonstrated we learned more about some of the possible mechanisms of symptom formation. These will be communicated in full lecture session. Richard A. Blasband, M.D. & Dominique Surel, Ph.D. The Center for Functional Research.

Recorded at the 29th annual SSE Conference in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on May 5, 2011